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Afgelopen woensdag 6 juni 2012 verscheen van Transparency International een nieuw rapport over corruptie in Europa. Hieronder de samenvatting

Three-fourths of Europeans consider corruption a growing problem in their societies. And gaps in governance continue to plague European countries’ attempts to pull the region out of its ongoing economic crisis.

In a two-year project, Transparency International has analysed over 300 institutions in 25 countries. Using our tried and tested National Integrity System approach, we gauge the capacity and effectiveness of a range of institutions – from political parties, the police, and the judiciary, to the media and civil society – in their contribution to national anti-corruption efforts. These in-depth national studies carried out by our chapters formed the basis of the regional report released on 6 June in Brussels.

The report highlights strengths and weaknesses in individual states, but also points at commonalities shared by many European countries. For instance, 19 of the 25 countries surveyed have not yet regulated lobbying, while currently only ten ban undisclosed political donations. Four-fifths of the states covered in the report present obstacles to citizens seeking access to information, while 17 of the countries lack codes of conduct for their parliamentarians.

While the report details these and other areas of concern, it also offers targeted recommendations for reform. Ultimately, the report aims to help key European actors identify and then plug the integrity gaps which enable corruption to grow.

Wil je het rapport downloaden ga dan naar de volgende webpagina:

http://www.transparency.org/enis/report (Werkt de link niet dan graag een kopie maken en in plakken)

Zeer interessant is pagina: http://www.transparency.org/enis/national_results

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